Little Green Heroes

Kids, unplugged

We’re big believers in getting outside, getting your hands dirty and learning along the way. That’s what Little Green Heroes is all about. Here, we share some fun activities for kids to get stuck into — no screens required. Along the way, they’ll have a ton of fun, and maybe even learn a few things about recycling, nutrition and even gardening.

Nature Treasure Box

Forage for magic with your Little Green Heroes

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Homemade Candle Centrepiece

The perfect addition to your Christmas table!

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Carton Flower Garland

Yallamundi Farm egg cartons are already recyclable/compostable but we reckon this is an even better way to use them!

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Egg Head Friends

Easy to make and fun to decorate, these little friends are a great way to get your kids thinking creatively about what we throw away.

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