Little Green Heroes

3D Bunny Pawtraits

Easter holidays stretching in front of you with not much planned for your Little Green Hero? Luckily, we have the perfect Easter craft for you, in the cute shape of these 3D bunny pawtraits. Give them away as Easter presents or display them yourselves, these little rabbits are the perfect way to keep little fingers busy this time of year.

The Little Green Lesson: Sustainability, no-waste.


  • Leftover cardboard packaging
  • Egg carton
  • Permanent marker
  • Paint
  • Glue
  • Scissors


  1. Cut out a small oval shape for your ‘frame’.

  2. Paint the background.

  3. Cut out the “pointy bit” from between the egg pockets in your carton (see photos for guidance) and trim the edges to create a flat rim.

  4. Use the sides of the egg carton lid to create the ears.

  5. It’s time to get creative! Using the marker, give your bunny eyes and a nose at the tip.

  6. Continue to colour and decorate the bunny ears and nose.

  7. Glue your cut-out upside-down on your oval to create the bunny face/nose, and glue the ears in place.

  8. Once dry, with markers or paints, draw the shoulders and shirt for your bunny.

  9. Make a decorative border around the frame.