pasture raised free range eggs

Sustainably produced, free range eggs from hens that
roam on fresh pasture.

Our pasture-raised hens are raised within the spacious surrounds of
shady olive groves, natural grass and herbage. Feeding only on fresh
pasture, predominantly locally grown grains and plant-based proteins,
our hens spend their days free to roam – scratching, foraging,
dustbathing and exploring a space with only 750 birds per hectare.
At night, our hens roost in the safety of their mobile caravans,
which are moved weekly to provide access to fresh pasture and
interesting new surroundings.

Life on our pastures

The eggs produced by our Yallamundi Farm pasture-raised hens are naturally delicious – the result, we believe, of keeping animal welfare front-and-centre in everything we do.

  • Only 750 birds per hectare.
  • Moved weekly, with constant access to fresh pasture.
  • Free to explore and play.
  • Happily roost in safety at night
chickens grazing