Innovation and technology

We're pushing the boundaries of what's possible

We are working with leading engineers to devise cutting-edge systems that deliver the best possible outcome for our
hens, our customers and our planet.

Harnessing industry-leading

With extensive poultry and animal welfare expertise and world-class
engineering, we created the optimal mobile sheds for our hens.

At Yallamundi Farm, our hens live in airy, well-ventilated sheds
that are moved to fresh pasture at regular intervals. This gives the hens
interesting new surroundings to explore, and lets the land itself regenerate.

We’re proud to be adopting this kind of actively managed mobile
grazing system, and are happy to know our hens have the optimum
environment in which to thrive.

Solar power & remote monitoring

One of the ways we’re combining traditional farming with the latest technology is with our mobile sheds. They’re moved regularly, allowing us to rotate our pasture-raised hens across fresh ground. This is an old farming technique that’s good for the soil and the animals.

But our sheds are anything but old-school. They’re solar powered, temperature controlled  and contain sophisticated remote monitoring sensors. These sensors send out regular updates to our farmers, meaning they know that the hens are safe and healthy at all times – in real-time.