Little Green Heroes

Nature Treasure Box

If your little one loves collecting feathers, stones, leaves and other bits and bobs from nature, why not give them a beautiful – and sustainable – place to store them? This simple treasure box repurposes our recyclable cartons, turning them into a place for kids to store their foraged delights. If your Little Green Heroes are anything like ours, you’ll soon be needing a second and third treasure box – better get eating those delicious Yallamundi eggs!

The Little Green Lesson: Sustainability, no-waste, nature play


  • Empty 12-pack Yallamundi eggs carton
  • Paper or card
  • Pens or paints


  1. Get an empty Yallamundi Farm egg carton and carefully peel off the internal label.

  2. Placing the top of your carton face down onto your paper or card, draw around your egg carton and cut out the shape. You may need to trim it down a little to ensure it fits on the inside of your egg carton.

  3. Get your Little Green Hero to decorate the label for their treasure box – maybe they could draw some of the treasures they hope to find?

  4. Glue your label to the inside of the carton, and there you have it – a treasure box ready to be filled with the best that nature has to offer!