Little Green Heroes

Homemade Candle Centrepiece

If you want your Little Green Hero to beam with pride this Christmas, help them create a table centrepiece that’ll wow the whole family. Using native flowers, tealights and a repurposed Yallamundi egg carton, this gorgeous crafty creation is a great lesson in sustainability this festive season. Happy Christmas!

The Little Green Lesson: Sustainability, no-waste.


  • Empty 12-pack Yallamundi eggs carton
  • 6 Yallamundi eggs
  • Decorative items such as native flowers
  • 6 tealights


  1. Carefully crack the tops off your Yallamundi eggs. Pour the eggs into a container to use for cooking.

  2. Wash the egg shells and let dry. Place the empty, dry shells into the egg carton, leaving a few spaces empty for your decorative items.

  3. Break tealights in half and remove wicks.

  4. Place a wick in the bottom of each egg shell.

  5. Place one eggshell’s worth of wax (about one tealight) in a  microwave-safe container and microwave until melted.

  6. Carefully pour the wax into the eggshell, being careful not to get wax on the tip of the wick. Stop pouring when about 1cm of the wick is still visible.

  7. Repeat steps 4-6 for the remaining shells and allow them to set.

  8. Get creative and decorate your carton with festive bits and pieces – we love native flowers for a beautifully vibrant festive table.