Seeking a better way

Our vision

A better, fairer,
more sustainable world

Our purpose

Regeneration through innovation

Sometimes, the most radical thing you can do is to go back to basics, back to an ‘old-fashioned’ way of doing things. Innovation can be about looking to the past for inspiration, even while keeping an eye on the future.

When we started work on Yallamundi Farm, we knew we wanted to regenerate and improve this beautiful land for future generations. We also wanted to show that a productive farm can also be sustainable, ethical and carbon neutral. That’s been our purpose, our ‘why’ since day 1.

yallamundi egg cartons

Our impact on the planet

Treading lightly, doing more with less

With our purpose clearly fixed, we began work. We used clever engineering to implement an age-old proven farming approach: rotational grazing. We built solar-powered caravans that allow us to move our pasture-raised hens to new pastures at regular intervals. We do the same thing with our sheep. It allows the animals to graze, spread their natural fertiliser (that’s :poop:) and then give the land time to regenerate. It’s one more way we blend the old and the new.

Without our custom designed caravans, the pasture raised hens wouldn’t be able to rotate. The fact that our caravans are also off the grid is another clever part of our low-impact approach.