A family-owned farm
like no other

At Yallamundi Farm, we blend traditional farming with innovation to produce
nutritious food in a way that’s sustainable, ethical and kind.

australian family owned

Welcome to Yallamundi

For more than sixty years, our family have farmed the beautiful Darling Downs in Queensland. Today, Yallamundi Farm is
the culmination of our commitment to this land. A place where our regenerative methods will ensure that we leave things
better than we found them for future generations.

Why Yallamundi Farm

Combining traditional farming values with pioneering practices that set a new standard for ethical, sustainable and accessible food production, the Yallamundi way is the better way.

Our carbon positive journey

We're committed to authentic sustainability, not just buzz words. As of May 2021, all Yallamundi Farm eggs were certified carbon neutral. But we're not stopping there. We're hard at work on a new plan to achieve carbon positivity for our farm by 2027.

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Our impact

We tread lightly on this beautiful land and we’re always looking for new ways to do more with less. At the same time, we support community causes and organisations that share our values.

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Community outreach

Our commitment to social responsibility extends beyond our farm gate. For every carton sold we make a donation to the Doug Hall Foundation, a not-for-profit charity that provides scholarships and bursaries to children whose opportunities would otherwise be limited.

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Innovation and technology

We've drawn on decades of farming experience to unite tradition with sustainable innovation – using groundbreaking examples
of engineering to push the boundaries of ethical, accessible egg production whilst prioritising animal welfare.

Committed to being carbon neutral by 2022

We’re all about making a tangible and measurable difference to the world around us – building sustainability
and social responsibility into everything we do.


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Our farm

Even before we established Yallamundi Farm,
we knew this land was special…

Along an unassuming road in Queensland’s Darling Downs, you’ll find
2,900-hectares of gently undulating land. At the heart of the property lies a
huge natural lagoon – created, legend has it, when a meteorite crashed to
Earth – along with a creek that meanders through the pastures.

For many years the land was home to sheep, before being transformed
into an olive farm with more than 318,000 trees. These beautiful, hardy
Mediterranean evergreens now provide the shady setting for a new era at
Yallamundi – one where a third of the land is put aside to encourage
biodiversity, with a farm that sets the standard for innovative, ethical and
sustainable egg production.