Little Green Heroes

Rainbow Caterpillar

Get your little ones making their very own little friend, with this rainbow-bright caterpillar crafted from one of our recyclable and compostable egg cartons. Easy and quick to create, this one offers hours of creative play once made – who knows, maybe they’ll want to whip up an entire family of caterpillar cuties!

The Little Green Lesson: Sustainability, no-waste


  • Yallamundi Farm 12pk egg carton
  • Eco and child-friendly paint
  • Child-friendly glue
  • Sparkly pipe cleaners and googly eyes (if you have them)


  1. Cut the bottom half of the egg carton from the top, then cut around the flat pieces and down the middles, to leave two long strips with the raised sections still attached (see photos).

  2. Paint each raised section a different colour – we’ve used rainbow colours but you can choose your own.

  3. Decorate your caterpillar face, either by drawing it on entirely or adding googly eyes and pipe cleaners for the antennas.