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Our hens

What does Pasture-Raised mean?

Our pasture-raised hens are free to forage among our beautiful olive trees. You’ll see them pecking at the soil looking for tasty food, dust bathing and generally exploring. And they have so much space to roam, with only 750 hens per hectare (13x more room than the free-range standard). And, because they live in mobile caravans, they’re regularly moved to fresh pastures. So, when we say they’re pasture-raised, we mean it. Think of it as the best that free-range could ever be.

How do you keep the hens safe?

At night, our hens will head inside to roost – this is part of their natural behaviour. For our pasture-raised hens, that means they chill out in their mobile caravans, and for our organic hens, they go inside a barn. In both cases, these shelters are temperature controlled and there’s plenty of water to drink.


What does Carbon Neutral mean?

When we started Yallamundi, we knew we wanted to create a sustainable farm that had as little environmental impact as possible. One of the most important things we considered was our carbon footprint – the amount we produced vs how much we sequestered (in the soil, though tree planting etc). We investigated practices like solar panel installation, local feed production and composting from day 1, to minimise that footprint. We also worked with Integrity Agriculture to assess our total carbon footprint and seek new ways to reduce it. The result of all this work is our Carbon Neutral certification from Climate Active. This certifies that Yallamundi Farm has no adverse carbon impact on the planet. And we’re working to take this one step further. By 2027, Yallamundi Farm will be carbon positive, meaning our farm will have a positive, regenerative environmental effect when it comes to greenhouse emissions.

What does Organic mean?

Organic farming seeks out practices that are free of chemicals, herbicides and pesticides. It’s a way of farming that favours natural solutions for pest control, soil health and crop care. At Yallamundi Farm, our organic free-range eggs are certified by Australian Certified Organic and that means all their feed, as well as the pasture they forage is chemical fertiliser, pesticide and herbicide free.

What is free-range?

When we’re talking eggs, free-range refers to hens that are given the freedom to roam outdoors in the sun and with enough room to avoid crowding. In Australia, that means 10,000 hens are allowed per hectare when outdoors. At Yallamundi Farm, we do things a little differently. We want our hens to be the happiest on earth so we give them 13x more space to roam than the national standard, meaning it’s just 750 hens per hectare on our farm.

Visiting the farm

Can I visit the farm?

We wish we could host visitors! We’re so proud of the way we do things. However, due to the strict health, safety and biosecurity measures in place at our farm, we aren’t currently able to open to the public. We are hoping to commence a small farm visit program in the future, so stay tuned via our mailing list.