Little Green Heroes

Cloud and Rain Mobile

Looking for a fun and educational indoor activity for your LIttle Green Heroes this winter? This lovely creative craft idea will beat the chills and bring the rain showers inside without getting a soaking. Transform ordinary egg cartons into beautiful mobiles to hang in their room, where you get to enjoy them, whatever the season!

Sustainability, no-waste, nature discovery


  • Yallamundi 12pk egg carton
  • White card
  • Cotton wool
  • Scissors
  • Blue paint
  • String
  • Child-friendly glue
  • Sticky tape


  1. Cut a cloud shape from white card

  2. Glue cotton wool onto card, covering it completely

  3. Cut base of egg cartons, individually cutting each egg holder. Paint these blue.

  4. Once cups are dry, pierce a little hold in the end of each and thread string through, spacing each out with a knot. Aim for 5-7 on each string.

  5. Sticky tape the string to the back of the cloud.