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Sustainable kids activities they’ll love

Get little hands busy – and dirty – with these craft ideas

The link between eggs and craft ideas might not be obvious at first, but as a family-run farm that’s all about sustainability, craft projects that use natural materials and teach lessons about zero waste are right up our alley!

Since our kids were tiny they’ve been out on the farm, getting their hands dirty and returning with those classic “kid treasures” of feathers, leaves and more. And we’ve loved using some of those – plus our 100% recyclable and biodegradable egg cartons – for creative sustainable kids activities that keep them busy, happy and engaged. Connecting to the outdoors in this fun way teaches them valuable lessons about the importance of treating nature with care and respect, as well as understanding more about the natural world itself.

It’s this thinking that inspired us to create Little Green Heroes – Yallamundi Farm’s very own craft initiative to get children interested in sustainability. It’s our mission to leave the planet in better shape than we found it, and that includes preparing the next generation of people who are committed to doing just that – treading gently on the land we call home. That’s why, here at Yallamundi, we believe it’s never too early to get kids thinking about zero waste and all things sustainable living  – so for awesome craft ideas that your tiny eco warriors will love, read on!

  • Carton Flower Garland
    We just love this bright and beautiful project that sits firmly at the top of our list of sustainable kids activities. All you need is a few egg cartons, string, scissors, twine and paint to create beautiful room decorations that will light up your home! Great to hang on the Christmas tree or perfectly colourful all year round, these garlands are easy to make and will leave little ones proud as punch of their creations.
  • Egg Head Friends
    Thought the only place for egg shells was in the compost? Think again! Once the dippy eggs and soldiers have been polished off, turn the discarded shells into these super-cute egg head planters. Perfect for growing everything from cress and chia to rye grain and sprouts, these little guys can sit on the windowsill until they start to sprout – we love sustainable kids activities that also teach them patience!
  • Nature Treasure Box
    If your little ones love foraging as much as ours do, they’ll fall head over heels for this corker of a craft, which is another of our sustainable kids activities to focus on reusing our recycled and recyclable egg cartons. This one can take as long as you like to put together – get them outside hunting for treasures to their heart’s content, then when they’re satisfied with their haul they just need paper and pens to create their very own treasure box.
  • Nature Weaving
    Finally for this list of sustainable kids activities, we’ve got this beautiful nature weaving project. Another task that utilises scrap materials and makes a beautiful decoration for your home, this one again gets the kiddos outside finding ‘long’ elements that can be woven to create their piece – think long leaves, grasses, rosemary and so on. Once it’s created it can be displayed in your home as testament to the talents of your little sustainable superstar – then on to making another one!

We hope this list of sustainable kids activities gets you thinking about your next craft project, and how fun tasks like these can teach little ones valuable lessons about sustainable living, nature play and zero waste. If you make one of these creations and upload it to social media please tag us @yallamundifarm – we’d love to see it!