Animal welfare

Healthy, happy animals

The welfare of our animals is central to what we do here at our farm. From the food they eat to the place they
sleep, we prioritise giving them the very best care.

In-house vets and nutritionists

By having animal welfare experts on-hand at the farm, we make sure all our animals receive the very best diet and healthcare.

  • Plant-based diet.
  • Regular vet check-ups.
  • Fresh air and exercise.
  • New and stimulating surroundings.
man walking near cows

Our hens

Our pasture-raised and organic hens have regular access to new pasture, thanks to our groundbreaking mobile sheds that can be moved around the paddock. By regularly rotating the sheds, we ensure our birds have access to new land on which they’re free to roam, play and dustbake – as free as nature intended.

Our pasture-raised hens sleep in specially-designed smaller sheds that move each week, whilst our organic hens are homed in larger sheds.

icon mobile shed

Sheds rotate every seven days

Our sheep

At Yallamundi Farm, we combine regenerative farming methods with truly sustainable environmental practices – setting a new standard in ethical lamb production.

Under the skilled care of a dedicated livestock team, our sheep and lambs are given the freedom to live a healthy life in the great outdoors.

Raised on land that’s enriched with regenerative farming practices, the quality and great taste of our lamb is a result of happy, healthy sheep and lambs who are treated well and fed as nature intended.


Our beef

Here at Yallamundi, our pasture-raised herd grazes peacefully under the watchful eye of our expert livestock team.

With lush pastures and wide-open spaces to roam and rest, our cattle are grass fed and rotated onto new pasture regularly – a regenerative farming practice that we believe is best for our animals, and results in tastier and more nutritious meat.

cows in field