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World Egg Day 2023

Behold, the mighty egg!

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of eggs – in fact, you could say every day is egg day for us. But Friday 13th October is officially World Egg Day – an event in which more than 100 countries around the globe come together to celebrate everything that’s great about eggs. This year’s theme is “Eggs for a Healthy Future”, which is a pretty neat summary of the work we do here on the farm. We believe our eggs can play a real part in making society healthier, happier and more sustainable – leading to a brighter future for everyone.

First of all, eggs are a uniquely affordable, accessible and versatile source of protein. Packed full of nutrients and containing all the amino acids our bodies need, they’re an easy, filling and relatively cheap way to boost your protein intake and stave off hunger pangs. Whether boiled, scrambled, fried, made into an omelette or frittata or even added to smoothies for a nutritional boost, eggs are the ultimate all-rounder and a staple in households around the world.

Eggs aren’t just good for our bodies, however – turns out they’re also good for the planet. As a uniquely sustainable source of animal protein, global egg production has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than red or white meat. At Yallamundi we took that one giant step further, and worked hard to make sure our egg production process is entirely carbon neutral – making our eggs a truly sustainable, feel-good food source that comes from healthy, happy animals.

Finally, here at Yallamundi we make a donation to charity for every carton sold – meaning our eggs really do make the future look brighter for everyone. Happy World Egg Day, all!