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Who puts the eggs in your eggs benny?

Clue: it might be us!

As producers of carbon neutral eggs that come from healthy, happy hens, we’re firm believers in the importance of ethical, sustainable food. Happily, as more and more of us start to care where our food comes from, it’s becoming easier to eat that way at home. But what about when we dine out?

At Yallamundi, we want to make it easy for people to eat sustainably produced food from animals treated with kindness and respect – even when they’re away from home. That’s why we’re over the moon to partner with Suncoast Fresh in getting our Pasture-Raised eggs to restaurants, cafes and hospitality providers across South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales!

Inside every catering pack we send, we’ll include a Yallamundi Farm flyer that the venue can display to proudly show where their eggs come from. This makes it easy for customers to know everything from their bacon and egg roll to their chocolate brownie features eggs laid by happy hens with space to roam and play.

We’re so excited to be bringing yet more ethical and sustainable food options to our customers, and can’t wait to see our Yallamundi Farm signage in the wild.

PS – If you’re a restaurant or cafe owner and you want to serve our delicious, nutritious and carbon neutral eggs to your customers, we want to hear from you! Get in touch with Glenn Connor at Suncoast Fresh on 0455895578 to find out more.