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How to store your Yallamundi Farm eggs

At Yallamundi Farm, we’re passionate about delivering the best, most delicious eggs around. Caring for our hens is a huge part of that – our farm was founded on the principle of outstanding animal welfare, and we raise our hens on fresh pasture that gives them plenty of space to forage and explore. With only 750 hens per hectare, that’s a lot of space! We think treating our animals well leads to the best eggs, and it’s just one part of a sustainable approach that’s also seen our eggs be certified carbon neutral.

Clearly we put a lot of care into our eggs, and we want you to enjoy them pretty much as fresh as if they were laid in your own backyard! But making sure they stay fresh in your kitchen requires proper storage – so, how do you get the most out of your Yallamundi Farm eggs?

The answer is surprisingly easy – simply store them in their original carton, pointy-end down, in your refrigerator. Here’s why this method works so well:

  • Temperature matters
    Despite what your grandmother might have told you, eggs do age faster at room temperature. In fact, one day on the counter can have the same ageing effect as a whole week stored properly in the fridge (under 5°C). The colder environment of your fridge slows down the natural ageing process, keeping your Yallamundi Farm eggs fresher for longer. Just don’t keep them in the door, as constant changes in temperature can age them quicker – instead, store them in the back of the fridge where the temperature is more consistent.
  • Embrace the carton
    The original carton you receive your eggs in isn’t just for convenience – it also provides a protective barrier for your delicate eggs. Cartons help prevent them from bumping or cracking, which can happen more easily if they’re stored loose on a shelf.
  • Control the moisture and flavour
    Eggs have a natural protective coating on their shells, which is great for keeping them from breaking, but also means they can also lose moisture and absorb strong flavours from other foods. Storing them in their carton avoids this by preventing excessive moisture loss and stopping them taking on any flavours that aren’t their own.

By following these simple storage tips, you can ensure your Yallamundi Farm eggs stay fresh, flavoursome and ready for your culinary creations. Remember, the sooner you get them in the fridge after purchase, the better!