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We made Australia’s first carbon neutral egg

Here’s why it’s a big deal…

Back in 2021 – in-between the ongoing lockdowns, homeschooling and border closures of COVID – we did something we’re pretty proud of here at the farm. In May of that year, our Pasture-Raised and Organic eggs were certified carbon neutral by Climate Active – an achievement we worked hard towards for many years. The certification means our eggs are produced in a way that’s as gentle as possible on our planet, and it’s a really important part of our commitment to make life better for generations to come.

Being carbon neutral means we have a balance on our farm between emitting carbon and absorbing carbon from the atmosphere, and we achieve this by reducing emissions wherever we can.

But don’t just take our word for it. We worked with Integrity Agriculture to audit our farm’s carbon footprint so that we had a really honest baseline to work from. We even asked them to include additional carbon ‘beyond the farm gate’ which the national standard doesn’t actually require. This was another way we could show our commitment to going the extra mile for this land and for generations to come.

We have looked at all areas of our operations to see what changes we can make and we have successfully reduced our carbon footprint by:

  • extensive solar installation to power the climate control systems for our hens, as well as our cool room and farm office.
  • storing back-up energy from over 850 solar panels that power our mobile hen sheds, in leading battery storage technology
  • using mobile sheds so we can move our hen’s regularly to fresh pasture and new surroundings which also enables the land to constantly regenerate
  • dedicating a third of our property to biodiversity so wildlife can move and flourish in a healthy environment
  • reducing our food miles by sourcing local grains from right here on the beautiful Darling Downs
  • restoring native forests on our land
  • reusing our hens’ nutrient-rich manure to grow crops
  • supplying all our eggs in 100% recyclable and compostable packaging
  • providing the best living conditions for our hens with only 750 birds per hectare when outdoors.

But at Yallamundi , we don’t rest on our laurels! Our ultimate goal is that our farm sequesters more carbon than it releases from un-avoided emissions and becomes carbon positive by 2027.

Carbon neutrality in food production is on the rise across the world, and we’re incredibly proud to be pioneering it here on home shores. We’re determined to do things differently as we make ethical, sustainable food available to everyone, right across Australia. It’s the way we think things should be done – because above all, it’s the Yallamundi way.