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The importance of Australian regenerative farmers

How regenerative farming is shaping the future

With three generations of farming under our belt, we know a thing or two about traditional farming practices here at Yallamundi Farm – as well as the latest agriculture innovation from across the globe. We’re proud to stand alongside Australian regenerative farmers by harnessing regenerative farming practices – something that’s important to us because regenerative farming ties into our mission to have a positive impact on animals, people and planet.

By regenerating and restoring the land, regenerative farming improves soil health in a way that has significant global benefits. In fact, Australian regenerative farmers are crucial to the future health of our planet, with the work they do assisting with environmental conservation, mitigating climate change, building resilient and robust food systems and contributing to social and communal wellbeing.

At Yallamundi Farm, we utilise a number of regenerative farming practices that will be familiar to Australian regenerative farmers across the country.

  • Rotational grazing for our hens
    All of our hens are moved regularly using our innovative, solar-powered mobile sheds – an action that has multiple benefits for both the land and the animals. As well as giving our hens new and nutrient-rich ground to explore, rotating our hens means each area has the chance to be refreshed and fertilised by all that scratching, pecking and chicken poo, before being left to rest and rejuvenate when the hens move on.
  • Increased biodiversity across the farm
    We’re on a mission to plant as many mixed native trees and plants as possible here on the farm – creating an important biodiversity corridor that will sequester carbon and bring important animals and insects back into the ecosystem.
  • Supporting tree-planting projects with on-site water
    Yallamundi Farm is lucky enough to have its very own water source – a beautiful, on-site lagoon thought to have been created when a meteorite hit the area. This means we can actively support tree-planting projects in a way that’s regenerative and circular – nourishing the land with its own natural resources.

Here at Yallamundi Farm, we plan to continue combining the very best in global innovation with regenerative farming practices that contribute to a healthier future for our planet, and our journey to carbon positivity is a huge part of that. Watch this space for more – we can’t wait to take you on the journey!