Caring for the future

At Yallamundi Farm, we’re very aware of the legacy we’ll leave for future generations – and that’s why we’re
creating a new standard for sustainable egg production.

A place where wildlife thrives

One third of our land here at Yallamundi is put aside as a biodiverse
nature corridor – meaning wildlife can move and flourish in a healthy
natural environment.

This commitment to restoring and enhancing Yallamundi’s biodiversity
is just one way we’re making sure we have a positive impact on our

icon kangaroo

1/3 of our land is put aside to
protect bio-diversity

sheep in farm

Using what nature gives us

It’s our commitment to be 100% solar-powered and carbon neutral
by 2022. We power our farm with an off-grid solar system using panels on
all our mobile sheds, and take our back-up energy from leading battery
storage technology.

icon solar panel

We currently have 53 330W phono solar panels
powering our mobile sheds.

mobile shed

Sustainability in everything we do

It’s not just solar power we’re embracing – we are committed to operate sustainably
in everything we do. From the food our birds eat to the packaging we use,
we prioritise the wellbeing of our land and what we leave behind for future

  • Reusing the hens’ nutrient-rich manure to grow crops.
  • Supplying all our eggs in recyclable and compostable packaging.
  • Feeding the hens a varied, plant-based and predominantly locally-grown diet.
one chicken in farm