Animal welfare

Healthy, happy hens

The welfare of our hens is central to what we do here at our farm. From the food they eat to the place they sleep,
we prioritise giving them the very best.

Mobile sheds

We partnered with leading engineers to create homes that give our hens
fresh pasture and interesting new surroundings to explore. By regularly
rotating the hens’ sheds, we ensure they have access to new pasture on
which they’re free to roam, play and dustbake – free-range and as nature

Our pasture-raised hens sleep in specially-designed smaller sheds
that move each week, whilst our organic hens are homed in larger sheds.

icon mobile shed

Sheds rotate every seven days

Guardian animals

At Yallamundi Farm, we use the natural instinct of the Maremma sheepdog to protect our hens, eliminating the need for traditional predator control methods.

Named Zeus and Apollo, these puppies have been trained and introduced to the hens from a young age and now live amongst them. Their devotion to protecting the livestock they socialise with and their rare temperament makes them ideal protectors. The bond that forms between a Maremma and their livestock is unbreakable.

In-house vets and nutritionists

By having animal welfare experts on-hand at the farm, we make sure our hens receive the very best diet and healthcare.

  • Plant-based diet.
  • Regular vet check-ups.
  • Fresh air and exercise.
  • New and stimulating surroundings.
farmers holding chickens