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Organic hens – do they have the same space as pasture-raised?

We give every hen the same space to roam

Here at Yallamundi, we often get questions from customers wondering if our organic eggs come from hens with the same amount of space to wander as pasture-raised hens. And the short answer is, yes! Whilst sadly the same can’t be said for the wider industry, here at Yallamundi we pride ourselves on treating all our hens equally – that is, with the utmost amount of care and attention.

We believe caring for our hens is all about giving them the best life possible, and for us that means making sure they have room to scratch, play and explore as nature intended. It’s why every hen at Yallamundi Farm – whether they lay our wonderful pasture-raised eggs or our certified organic eggs – is housed at only 750 hens per hectare. That’s twice the amount of space required for organic standards, and 13 times the amount of space required by the national free-range standard.

For our organic customers, buying Yallamundi Farm Organic eggs is a great way to know they’re buying an egg from hens that are fed a certified organic diet. And for our customers following a predominantly grass-fed, protein rich diet, our eggs are a perfect fit for them. Plus, both our pasture-raised and organic hens are regularly moved to fresh pasture – resting the soil and giving them interesting new surroundings to explore as all that scratching (and chicken poo!) regenerates the land.

Giving all of our hens so much space is just one way we aim to do the very best we can for animals, people and planet. If you have any other questions about how we do things round here at Yallamundi, drop us a line here on the website or send us a message on social media – we’d love to hear from you!