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Solar Power

Driven by ethics, powered by nature

At Yallamundi Farm, we pride ourselves on using solar power right across our land – harnessing the sun to help
the farm operate as sustainably as possible.

Committed to total carbon neutrality by 2022


Solar panels


MWh power generated
per month

We want to tread gently on
the earth

Part of the Yallamundi legacy is to have a positive impact on future
generations – and aiming to be carbon neutral by 2022 is a major part
of that.

Being carbon neutral means taking steps to reduce your current
climate-damaging carbon emissions, and adopting measures that
counteract previous pollution. As part of this commitment, we
have over 886 solar panels sitting on top of our mobile sheds and
buildings– capturing the Queensland sun and using it to power
the day-to-day workings of our farm.

solar panel on mobile shed